Participatory planning for sustainable development

Our overarching commitment, in the context of social, ethical and environmental responsibility, has been to contribute to better quality of life of rural families and households, and to the sustainable development of the country Colombia. In the course of 15 years, since the foundation of Aldea Global in May, 2000, we have achieved the design and implementation of strategies of social participation and have contributed to enhance communication of stakeholders and joint management between society and the public and private sectors. Successful partnerships with strategic partners and the effective participation of rural communities have positioned Aldea Global’s image at regional, national and international level.


Our work has been focused on improving local capacities and skills by means of a wide array of topics, such as: planning and management of watersheds, climate change adaptation and mitigation, governance of natural resources, forest and agroforestry management, best practices in agriculture. All our work is solidly based on local training and capacity building with a gender and intergenerational focus throughout.


The impacts of our work cover the dimensions of sustainable development: environmental, social, and economic. Our activities have allowed a wide range of stakeholders, farmers, indigenous peoples and Afro-Colombian communities in many parts of Colombia to understand their situation, to identify bottlenecks and put in place solutions to their development needs. Follow-up and monitoring are an integral part of our work which allows us to learn from experiences and achieve sustainable impacts.


We are convinced that our work has made important contributions to the country we strive for: Colombia in peace, better living conditions for rural families that give so much, with active participation and autonomous decisions, and with more gender equality. A country in which young people have opportunities for a better education. A Colombia which makes culture and environment key elements of its development.


For us to keep doing our work, we will continuously need the support of organizations, institutions and individuals willing to stand by us. This report is dedicated to all those who have believed in our values and goals, including the team of professionals from a wide range of academic background and broad professional experience, both in private and public sectors covering the social, economic and environmental dimension.


With special regards,

Partners of Aldea Global:

  • Doralice Ortiz Ortiz                                   – Martha Soraya Vargas Hernández
  • Jeanette Kloosterman van der Sluis      – Vivi Leslie Chaurra Herrera.

Team of advisers:

Mr. Gonzalo Duque Escobar, Ms. Paula Milena Franco, Mr. Carlos Mario Aguirre, Ms. Luz Mery Ortiz, Mr. Peter Saile, Mr. Augusto Alzate, Mr. Joanny Marín,  Mr. Alexander Aguirre, Ms. Claudia Patricia Rodríguez,  Mr. Fernando Benjumea, Ms. Paula Franco, Mr. Carlos Gilberto Alzate, Ms. Rosa Liliana Riveros, Mr. Alexander Rozo, Ms. Adriana Largo.

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