Participatory planning for sustainable development

Organizational structure

Corporación Aldea Global has 4 founding partners and its administrative structure is based on a general board, an executive director, a junior director and an auditor.
Founding Partners
Doralice Ortíz Ortíz
  • Executive director (Since the foundation of the organization).
  • Social worker – Universidad de Caldas
  • Development projects Specialist -ESAP
  • Design and assesment of social programs specialist – OIT Torino, Italy
  • MBA – EUDE
Martha Soraya Vargas Hernández
  • Economist.
  • Software engineering specialist.
  • Organizational consultant.
  • Master’s degree in Educational and social projects and active pedagogy.
Vivi Leslie Chaurra Herrera
  • Community promoter.
  • Social management specialist.
Jeanette Kloosterman
  • Anthropologist.
  • Ph.D in Cultural Anthropology.
  • International expert in gender and development.
Associate professionals


Gonzalo Duque Escobar
  • Professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
  • Civil Engineer. Postgraduate studies in geophysics, economy and geotechnia. Writer of the Manual de Geología para Ingenieros, La Mecánica de los Suelos, La Guía Astronómica and CT&-Economía.
  • Columnist of La Patria newspaper.
  • Advisor of numerous public organizations and private institutions in territorial planning.
Environmental and Productive Sustainability Staff
Carlos Mario Aguirre Dávila
  • Forestry Engineer.
  • M.Sc in Agroforestry for Sustainable Development, Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, México.
  • Expert in payment for environmental services – PSA, forest carbon projects – volunteer carbon markets, agroforestry and rural development, transformation of socio-environmental conflicts and strategic planning.
Augusto Alzate Buitrago
  • Agronomy Engineer.
  • Andean tropial agroecology specialist.
  • More tan 15 years of experience in alternative production systems, territorial planning and land planning.
Antonio Alexánder Rozo Pérez
  • Agronomy Engineer.
  • Magister in agricultural production systems research.
  • Planning for environmental education specialist.
  • Experience in moorlands, sustainable agricultural systems, management plans, restoration, tree farms and environmental education.
Fernando Benjumea Celemín
  • Forestry Engineer.
  • More tan 16 years of experience in forest project development supported by government incentives.
Social sustainability and Communications
Rosa Liliana Riveros Laserna
  • Social worker.
  • Student of Master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable development at Universidad de Manizales.
  • Development projects specialist.
  • Experience in rural social organization projects. River basin planning, environmental education and network social analysis.
Paula Milena Franco Jaramillo
  • Social Communicator and Journalist.
  • Magister Candidate in education and human development.
  • Company Consulting and asessment specialist.
  • More than 11 years of experience in organizational communication for development.
Cecilia Cortés Marín
  • Family development professional.
  • Magister in development and family studies.
  • Experience in participative planning processes with gender aproach.
Administration & financing staff
Luz Mery Ortíz Ortíz
  • Accountant.
  • More tan 12 years of experience in accounting for private institutions.
Alexander de Jesús Aguirre Álzate
  • Senior statutory auditor.
  • Accountant.
  • Student of Master’s degree in Taxation at Universidad de Caldas.
  • Tax law specialist.
  • More than 14years of experience in auditing, independent advisor for public and private institutions.
Jorge Oswaldo García Gómez
  • Statutory auditor.
  • Accountant.
  • Tax law specialist.
  • More than 14years of experience in auditing, independent advisor for public and private institutions.

Corporación Aldea Global

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Manizales, Colombia
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