Participatory planning for sustainable development
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Forests and sustainable forest management

A rapidly growing world population increases the demand for forest products. After oil and gas, timber, fuel and other wood products rank third on the global market. The pressure on natural forests keeps raising leading to high rates of forest loss due to deforestation and forest degradation. These processes release substantial amounts of carbon dioxide, the most common of greenhouse gases, into the atmosphere and further contribute to climate change.聽 Corporacion Aldea Global addresses these challenges by developing and implementing better alternatives for wood production and consumption that combat climate change.

El mercado de los productos forestales a nivel mundial ocupa el tercer lugar despu茅s del petr贸leo y el gas, esto como consecuencia del incremento de la poblaci贸n, la demanda de las materias primas, causando la desaparici贸n acelerada de los bosques. En vista de esta realidad, la Corporaci贸n Aldea Global ha venido proponiendo alternativas sostenibles para los bosques y el uso de la madera.
  Environmental, social and technical advisory
For 1500 hectares of forest plantations
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Environmental, social and technical support for 1500 hectares of forest plantations in the Quind铆o department. MIDAS programme 鈥 USAID. December 2007 鈥 December 2009.

驴What is the purpose of this project?

This project was executed in association with an USAID financed project called MIDAS (M谩s Inversi贸n para el Desarrollo Alternativo Sostenible). Its purpose was to strengthen the forestry culture in the Quind铆o department. Training was provided to small and medium farmers from rural communities and a guidebook for the implementation of forest and agroforest plantations was prepared and published.

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