Participatory planning for sustainable development
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Hydrographic basin planning

The protection, improvement and restoration of Central Andean watersheds are of vital importance for the development of – not only – rural communities. That’s the reason why Corporación Aldea Global has been participating in projects that involve risk management and participatory planning and regulation of key watersheds.

La protección, mejora y restauración de cuencas de montaña (lecho de los ríos) tienen una importancia fundamental para el desarrollo de las comunidades y de las regiones. Por ello, y dentro de su marco de acción, la Corporación Aldea Global ha venido participando en proyectos que involucran la gestión del riesgo, la ordenación y la planeación participativa del territorio con miras a promover acciones que a largo plazo permitan la mitigación de los daños ambientales causados por los usos conflictivos de dichos territorios.
  Microbasin of Manizales creek

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¿What is the purpose of this project?

The main purpose of this project is to provide environmental education to local stakeholders and to assess risks related to flooding and landslides in this watershed. In addition, the generation of additional income through the Social Business approach to communities provides them with better living conditions.


  • 25 people with a diploma in environment, risk management and regulation of the Manizales creek watershed
  • Creation of the “Red de Amigos de la microcuenca” network
  • Creation of a community tree nursery
  • Construction of a drainage system for rain water, in the Manizales creek watershed, which substantially lowers the risk for population and companies.

Participating companies and institutions

Ecopetrol, Corpocaldas, Grameen Caldas and Corporación Aldea Global. Also, with support of Universidad Nacional sede Manizales and Actuar Famiempresas.

  Management and sustainability of erosion control construction work
Town of Neira, Caldas
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Management and sustainability of construction for erosion control with social engagement in the sextor “Baldosas del Norte”in the town of Neira, Caldas (Corpocaldas) (2004 – 2005).

¿What was the purpose of this project?

  • To convey the importance of proper management for soil stability among organizations, institutions and NGOs
  • Identify the potential for tourism of the area
  • Generate revenues for the neighboring communities from eco-tourism projects


  • Consolidation of work groups – with a clear gender focus – in neighborhoods close to the construction work
  • Training for communities in sustainability and management of construction works for erosion control
  • Ecological tours and field trips and planning events with the community
  • Demarcation and reforestation for the area “Baldosas del Norte”
  • Creation of attractive employment opportunities for the local community
  • Inter-institutional work between Corpocaldas, city administration, comunal action boards, base communities and Aldea Global
  • Community engagement in revegetation.

  Immediate Action Plans (PAI)

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Immediate Action Plans PAI are an instrument to guide was developed by the departmental environmental authority, Corpocaldas in 2008. Aldea Global, has been actively engaged in designing and managing a variety of actions around the PAIs since the design and creation of this tool, especially in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Tolima.

¿What is the purpose of this project?

Under the slogan “Alliances for life” (“alianzas para la vida”), the PAI are created as a result of needs identified by social actors, where everyone of them is commited to an inter-institutional coordinated process, in association with strategic stakeholders linked to the territory.

¿In which PAI Corporacion Aldea Global has been involved?

  • San Francisco watershed –Chinchiná, Caldas and Marsella, department of Risaralda
  • Rio Claro and San Julián rivers watersheds, department of caldas
  • Microwatershed of Manizales creek (Industrial zone, city of Manizales, Caldas).
  • Guarinó river watershed, charca del Guarinocito (towns of Marulanda and La Dorada, Caldas;  and Herveo and Fresno, Tolima)
  • La Miel river watershed, department of Caldas
  • Town of Marmato, department of Caldas.

Actions taken

  • Construction of de PAI for the Guarinó river (June – Sept. 2008)
  • Formulation and management of PAI for 4 watersheds – Guarinó, Rio Claro, Manizales creek and Cameguadua, and 2 towns, La Dorada and Marmato, Caldas department (January – June 2010)
  • Management of 7 PAI for the Caldas department in 2011.


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The regulation and management of watersheds are laid down in plans (POMA) as established in the decree 1729 of 2002. POMA’s are developed in 5 phases: Preparation, assessment, prospective scenario building, formulation, implementation, and assessment & follow-up.

¿Which POMA‘s have we at Corporacion Aldea Global supported?

  • Guarinó river watershed
  • La Miel river watershed
  • Campoalegre river watershed.


Actions taken

  • Preparation of the environmental diagnosis/assessment and the prospective of the Guarinó river watershed, building on a strong participatory process with relevant stakeholders
  • Establishment and strengthening of mechanisms that allow for strong social participation for Guarino and La Miel watersheds (November 2008 – November 2009)
  • Formulation of the prospective phase with strong participation from civil society of the regulatory plan and management of the Campoalegre river watershed (December 2007 – June 2008)
  • Organization of stakeholders and establishment of the consultative council that directs the POMA for the La Miel river watershed.

Some results

  • Design of prospective approaches and environmental diagnostics with social participation
  • Design of the conformation strategy and operation of the river watershed councils
  • Conformation of the Guarinó river watershed council
  • Conformation of the La Miel river watershed council.

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