Participatory planning for sustainable development
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Productive conversion

At Corporaci贸n Aldea Global we prioritize agricultural production geared towards the protection and preservation of biodiversity and environmental services. To achieve this goal, we help to improve existing production practices and the sustainable use of natural resources, e.g. through the establishment of agroforestry land use systems, among other systems. Communities obtain multiple benefits for their sustained and more equitable development.

La prioridad de la Sostenibilidad Productiva en los proyectos de la Corporaci贸n Aldea Global es conservar y proteger la biodiversidad de mediante la mejora de pr谩cticas, el aprovechamiento sostenible de los recursos naturales, la agroforesteria, entre otras estrategias que permiten el desarrollo equitativo y sustentable de las comunidades.
  Production system conversion
Town of Marulanda, Caldas
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驴What is the purpose of this Project?


The main purpose of this project is to develop more environmentally friendly production systems and to induce ecological restauration in the upper Guarin贸 river watershed in order to reduce stress on the forest. This purpose was achieved through:

Implementation of individual fruit orchards, establishment of vegetables gardens and of firewood production. To meet expections of local communities, these activities were accompanied by learning from peers and exchange of best practices.


Corpocaldas, Ecopetrol, Gobernaci贸n de Caldas, with support and coordination of the Marulanda mayor鈥檚 office.

  Productive partnerships
Towns of Victoria, Villamar铆a & Riosucio, departamento of Caldas
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驴What is the purpose of this project?

The Ministry of Agriculture and Sustainable Development developed a methodology called 鈥淧roduction Alliances鈥 with the objective to reduce poverty in rural areas of Colombia. Corporaci贸n Aldea Global partnered with Ecopetrol, the State Government of Caldas and the municipalities of Villamar铆a and Riosucio.

Actions under way

  • Implementation of agroforestry systems combining natural rubber and plantain together with small farmers in Victoria, Caldas.
  • Sugar cane renovation on land of indigenous communities, and improvement of production methods towards organic production through introduction of best practices with the 鈥淎sociaci贸n Ind铆gena de paneleros de San Lorenzo鈥 鈥揂INPAS.
  • Improvement of environmental standards of 5 sugar cane processing plants according to Invima standards.
  • Establishment of a pilot project for production of tomatoes under green houses with small farmers of the Cooperative 鈥淐OOPRUGUASAN鈥 in the municipality of Villamar铆a, Caldas.
  • Extension activities for the appropriation of improved production processes that incorporate technified approaches mixed with common knowledge. Farmers associations were consolidated and strengthened to improve the living standards of farmers.

  San Francisco river basin

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Improvement of production systems in the watershed of the San Francisco River, Caldas and Risaralda departments.

驴What is the purpose of this Project?

To achieve more sustainable use of natural resources and improve the of environmental conditions in the watershed of the San Francisco river by implementing practices of sustainable agricultural production and rehabilitation of ecosystems in the watershed, by establishing agroforestry systems in perennial crops (Coffee) or degraded pastures, as well as by the implementation of small scale works of bioengineering. And by addressing and solving existing land use conflicts.

Actions taken

  • Establishment of pilot plots for agroforestry and silvopastoral systems in the towns of Marsella and Chinchin谩
  • Construction of erosion control works; intervention in degraded zone with bioengineering practices and restoration, revegetation or isolation work
  • Establishment of a plant nursery managed by the community harnessed through training, coaching and social organization
  • Development of activities to complement the training process and implementation of the pilot plots of productive conversion processes and ecosystem recuperation.


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Municipality of Dosquebradas, department of Risaralda (part of the EU financed project 鈥淪trengthening of forest governance in Colombia as an alternative for illegal deforestation and improvement of living standards of rural communities鈥 DHS- 5211392).

驴What is the purpose of this project?

This is a pilot project for more sustainable land use, as a strategy to address illegal deforestation and to provide training in more sustainable land use techniques, in the areas of Boreron and Aguazul in the rural areas of Dosquebradas, department of Risaralda.

Some achievements of the project

  • Incorporation of best practices land use processes
  • Improvement of forest ecosystem to reduce illegal forest exploitation
  • Social reconstruction by strengthening the small social organizations and improving agricultural activities in low income communities
  • Start of activities leading to forest certification according to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
  • Introduction of science based production techniques to overcome the low productivity of agriculture and cattle breeding.

  Cocoa recovery as a food and cultural heritage, Ecopetrol Project.

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The Cocoa as well as the coffee have been of vital importance in terms of nutrition in Colombia. Traditionally, a usual day begins and ends with a cup of chocolate in almost every region of the country. Such important agricultural commodity both culturally and spiritually in everyday life. It has been slowly vanishing from the Colombian countryside: lack of technification, monoculture plantations that swept away other agricultural species, low market prices vs the high production costs have significantly affected the rural farmers, among other determinant factors. In an exercise of commitment to the community, Ecopetrol, with the support of Aldea Global Corporation, the Mayorship of Marsella Risaralda, and 34 peasant families and indigenous people from the communities belonging to the Cocoa Association of La Miranda & Chocorrico at the municipality of Marsella have been undertaken the task of recovering the cocoa production in the area and the craft processing techniques, in order to restore the crops and technically strengthen agricultural production processes that allow the recovery of both the economic line as well the food line so important that since ancient times has had cocoa derivatives and chocolate.

It is worth noting that despite that in these areas, the main economic sectors are held by other commodities such as coffee and bananas. For these communities generate alternative food security rather than a necessity is a top priority, therefore, this project focuses on strengthening processes with small cocoa rural farmers by generating sustainable agroforestry alternatives, food security, improve as well as increase more than 16 hectares of cocoa, and the development of a process of a theoretical and practical training for the social engagement of change in the area.

Is noteworthy that through this process and community engagement. The Acamir谩n & Chocorrico Associations and of the municipality of Marsella, are recognized and exalted in the region. Organizations such as Fedecacao, The Luker Foundation and other institutions take them as an example of agricultural and rural development. Incentives like this, as well as support to the communities to have the basic units in order to ensure levels of food safety; have allowed the expansion of productive, social and economic horizons of these communities. In an exercise of social responsibility shared by the institutions leading the project, with the leadership in investing resources by Ecopetrol, these alternatives directly affect indicators on poverty and lack of opportunities for communities who are set away from urban areas.

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