Participatory planning for sustainable development
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Social Projection

Comprehensive training for the youth in vulnerable conditions


Actividades voluntarias que esperan su ayuda

  Comprehensive training of vulnerable children

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To invest in the education of our youth is the guarantee for a better society tomorrow. Many of our teenagers are exploited and sent too early to work, creating a dependence on subsistence income due to a lack of training and preparation. Our effort is to break this vicious circle of poverty, which accentuates insecurity in tomorrow鈥檚 society.

Your contribution offers the chance of a decent life to adolescents, male and female, who can enter the virtuous circle of education for a better future.

What is the goal of this project?

This project benefits a group of children, along with their families, in a program that promotes their schooling and provides training and support for their life plan. It uses a variety of strategies to achieve a major objective: provide tools for children in medium-conflict and high-risk situations and foster comprehensive training.

What the project has achieved?

  • Create learning routines matched to the free time
  • Train for life
  • Reinforce good behavior patterns
  • Strengthen key values: collaboration, loyalty, responsibility, compliance and commitment
  • Improve socialization, help them analyze their specific reality and develop study scenarios that strengthen their daily life
  • Revitalize family dynamics
  • Expanding the vision of their environmental dynamics.

Please make a donation and support the project

  Community plant nurseries
And recovery of strategic environmental areas
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Dynamizing organization, community聽 management and environmental rehabilitation

Community plant nurseries are solidarity companies that improve the economic and social conditions of the participant community. They are key instrument to help communities strengthen their organization. At the same time the production of native tree species and fruit trees according to ICA鈥檚 health and quality requirements, and the establishment of tree lots strengthen the economic foundations of households and communities.

50% of participants are women heads of household. The young are also addressed with educational courses providing them with elements that help them assume their future roles in the community.

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Manizales, Colombia
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